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Get OnDemand movies and shows with thousands of choices whether you view at home or on the go! The Hopper 3 with fast and easy navigation makes your viewing experience a snap!

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DISH Anywhere

Take your TV with you! On any device, anytime, anywhere! With Dish Anywhere it's your choice whether live, recorded or OnDemand. Keep up with sports, news, and your favorite show. No more boring road trips. Plus you can schedule DVR recordings from your other devices anytime with Dish Anywhere. Don't get left behind! Call today!

dish anywhere
dish anywhere


HopperGo can be purchased for only $99 and there is no monthly fee! Your favorite DVR-ed shows and movies can be transferred to the HopperGo and with 100 hours of storage the possibilities are endless! Connect the HopperGo to the wireless network of your mobile device. Immediately, up to 5 mobile devices can view at the same time! No internet connection needed or using up phone storage with HopperGo. Dish Internet-connected Hopper 3 or Hopper 2 required - call 888-387-9731 for details today!

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Internet & Phone Bundles

Dish Satellite is the best way to get you connected! No matter where you live, small town or rural countryside, Dish brings you reliable, dependable, Satellite Internet, TV and Phone. Dish has a wide array of packages available so call today! Find out about exclusive offers with special bundle pricing for your area. With free installation and price guarantees, Dish is the best choice!

dish anywhere
dish anywhere

Channel Packages

Compare our packages to the competition. Dish saves you money on every one! And with our new FlexPack, you get to choose the channels you like the most! Don't pay for what you don't watch. Dish makes it easy with FlexPack. Dish gives you the ability to customize your TV viewing.

TV Outdoors

Tailgate in glorious HD with DISH, the leader in tailgating and RV entertainment solutions.

dish anywhere

DishNet High-Speed Internet/Hopper Whole-Home HD DVR

DishNet High-Speed Internet delivers up to 10 Mbps download speed. With 3 choices for your family's usage, the price is right! Dish offers the Hopper, the most advanced, powerful DVR in the business! Experience the difference. View your favorite movies, shows, and sporting events in beautiful HD. Skip commercials on selected recordings. No conflicts with the Hopper - you can record up to 16 shows while watching your favorites. View 4 channels on one screen to keep up with the games and finish that movie! With over 2000 hours of recording time you won't miss a thing. There are also thousands of OnDemand movies and shows to choose from. This is TV at it's best!


DISH saves you money! At $456 savings vs. DIRECTV over 2 years you can't afford to go anywhere else! Not only are the savings huge but you get more channels with DISH than DIRECTV. And they're the channels you like including sports, movies and cartoons! Dish also offers the exclusive Hopper 3 DVR for the ultimate in TV viewing including voice remote, 4 channel viewing on one screen and much, much more! Call today and start saving today!