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It's the 21st century. No one needs to be tied to their living room TV when they want to watch the shows that they enjoy. With DISH Anywhere, you can break free and enjoy TV anywhere.

Dish anywhere

Live TV from your TV, tablet or phone

If your show is on right now, you can access it on your phone or tablet while it plays. No need to wait,record or download it. Just turn on the app and select what you want to watch.

DVR from anywhere

Recorded something on your home DVR, but really want to watch it from where you are now? No problem. With Hooper DVR systems, you can get access to your recorded shows on your TV, your laptop, your phone or your tablet. Whether you want to keep the kids occupied during a long drive or flight, or whether you want to watch TV in bed before getting a rest, you can see whatever watching you have saved up.

DTV from anywhere
Siwen Smart TV technology without a Smart TV investment

OnDemand Anywhere

You have the DISH subscription, but your friend wants to host the watching party? You can take yourOnDemand service with you. You get access to a library of over 20,000 shows and full-length movies, as well as clips that are tailored specifically for watching on the web.

No extra cost.

DISH will not charge you extra to get the features that you want. We want to make sure that you havethe flexibility and features you want at a price that is fair.

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No Extra Cost