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DISH subscribers can also get access to the Hopper 3, the world's most advanced and powerful DVR. Free yourself from difficult menus, time-wasting commercials and more with an easy-to- use DVR system that understands you.


Lose the remote? No problem.

It happens to us all. We sit down to watch a favorite show, but the remote control is nowhere to be found. With the Hopper 3, simply push a button and your remote will beep and blink so you can find out exactly where it's hiding..

Tired of commercials?

With the Hopper 3, you can watch your favorite shows without interruption. AutoHop from DISH instantly skips all commercials in selected primetime shows. You can see the shows you want without wasting time on the ads..

Tired of commercials
Hopper Tired of commercials

See everybody's shows.

Multiple members of the family want to see things that are on at the same time? Love two shows, but hate that they are against each other on competing networks? The Hopper 3 can record up to 16 shows at once. This is about twice as many as the competition. This way, everyone in the family gets to watch what they want.

Smart TV technology without a Smart TV investment.

The Hooper 3 adds new features to your TV without having to purchase a new one. Perks include:

  • Built-in apps like Netflix, Pandora and YouTube mean you can enjoy their content from the comfort of your living room.
  • MultiView settings allow you to watch up to four channels at once.
  • Watch Anywhere allows you to watch all of your live and recorded shows on your TV, tablet or phone.
  • Looking for more freedom and flexibility? Call now to learn more about Hopper 3 and other DISH benefits.
Smart TV technology without a Smart TV investment