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Hate the idea of switching because you don't have the time to wait forever for the cable guy? DISH offers 24 hour installation in most areas; when we can't, we can get your system installed within a day or two.

We want to get you up and running quickly. Here are a few things you should know for a quick and painless installation:

Move all TVs away from the wall.

If at all possible, moving your TVs forward is a helpful step. Sliding your TVs three feet forward provides the room your technician needs to reach inputs on the back of the display.

Provide open electrical sockets.

Make sure that there are one or more electrical sockets open during installation. This will allow us to get items like your Hopper DVR installed quickly and easily.

Give pets a break in another room.

Chances are that your furry friends will be curious about the new visitor in your home. Our techs can work more quickly and efficiently when your four-legged family members are out of the way.

Do not unplug anything before your installer gets there unless directed to.

Chances are good that you do not need to have your TV, cable box or satellite box from another provider unplugged when we come. Leaving everything as is lets us get a better understanding of how you use your TV.

Make sure a responsible party is home.

If you own your home, do you have a preference regarding where your DISH satellite receiver is installed? Be home to make sure your installer is aware of any preferences. By being around to answer questions, you can ensure you get the experience you want.

We strive to offer the best service available. And, best of all, DISH installation is free! Call today to get started.